Our accomplishments include the discovery of therapeutic antibodies, diagnostic antibodies and reagent antibodies critical for research, drug development, and antibody-based products. Notable scientific accomplishments include:

  • Services to 9 of the top 10 Pharma Companies.
  • 7 companies where our performance was critical to their next funding round.
  • Discovery of 6 novel Therapeutic Ab Candidates in preclinical/clinical trials.
  • Creation of Critical Reagents and Assays key to Biologics drug development.
  • Repeat business from >85% of our services customers.
  • High throughput platforms to identify Abs to Cell Surface Proteins.
  • High-purity Ab Manufacture for use in Assays and In-Vivo Animal Models.
  • Novel Screening Assays and Analytical Methods for Drug R & D.
  • Proven track record over our entire range of services.
  • Over 370 institutions served.