Strategic Partners

Antibody Solutions actively engages in partnerships with other companies encompassing discovery or development stages through manufacturing and sales.

Past and present partnerships have taken the form of:

  • Collaborative R&D
  • Licensing
  • OEM supply
  • Manufacturing
  • Co-promotion of products or services

Advantages of partnering with Antibody Solutions include:

  • Mechanism to more rapidly achieve a goal
  • Outsourcing activities a company does not wish to develop internally.
  • Attain economies of scale and maximize efficiency
  • Gain access to novel technology, innovative approaches and competitive products

Antibody Solutions recognizes the importance of trust and commitment to its partners. We believe partnerships can maximize each company’s strengths to make both firms stronger in the long run, providing both with a competitive advantage. Our proprietary Service Platform makes the management of partnership projects straightforward, accountable, and transparent.


stratic partners