Antibody Solutions has an established reputation for Quality, Delivery and Innovation in the R & D community. Here’s what some of our valued clients have to say about working with Antibody Solutions:

  • “I especially appreciate your company’s adherence to the projected timelines, and wouldn’t hesitate to do business with you again.” AO.
  • “I appreciate you taking the time to improve the (Ab) selection process,” GP.
  • “MAbExpress has reduced the delivery time in half compared to production by other companies.” JM.
  • “Sera from all five of these rabbits was unsuccessfully affinity purified by (company name withheld). All of your affinity purification’s from these rabbits worked….they (company name withheld) do not check things the way you do.” LK.
  • “Your PolyExpress Sera worked better in western blotting than the serum we got from NIH.” JJ.

Selected Publications

Below is a list of publications which were either authored by a member of the Antibody Solutions team, containing informations about Antibody Solutions, or pertain to services performed by Antibody Solutions.

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