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Antibody Solutions occupies a 13,200 sq. ft. laboratory with additional animal facilities in the San Francisco bay area.

Our scientific and technical capabilities are in the areas of Animal Physiology, Biochemistry, Cell Biology, Flow Cytometry, Immunochemistry, and Molecular Biology.

Our Enterprise Resource System, developed exclusively for Antibody Solutions, ensures flexible, scaleable and timely delivery of products and services.

Our Quality Management System includes procedures, processes, and resources to guarantee the quality of products and services. Quality Assurance at Antibody Solutions is a major priority with every project. Quality assurance safeguards are set based on client needs, best practices, and applicable regulations, and are informed by over sixteen years of experience serving our clients.

Client communication tools at provide an online view of estimates, material submissions and work orders.


Enterprise Resource System to ensure flexibility,
scaleability, and timely delivery of services.


Quality Management System to ensure quality
of our Products and Services.


Client communication tools at


projects web-browser


Online view of estimates, work orders and submission forms

materials submission

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Enter data online for submitted materials.


work order system

About Antibody Solutions2.key

Easily manage one to many projects