Antibody Solutions antibody discovery technologies are focused on animal-derived antibodies. Antibodies obtained from immune animals are the leading source of antibodies used in research, diagnostics and therapy. We have refined our processes to give a robust platform for antibody development and manufacturing. These include:

  • Ag development – haptens to cells.
  • Rapid immunization protocols.
  • OMT&trade’'s OmniRat™ and high responder mice.
  • Hybridoma Libraries to capture all Abs.
  • Flow cytometry cloning for “true” clones.
  • High-throughput flow cytometry screening of Cellular Ags.
  • In vitro bio-reactor technology for Ab production.

Antibody Solutions has expertise in the key antibody technologies to create better antigens, antibodies and antibody-based applications. Additionally we have over 19 years experience in putting these technologies to best use to meet our customers needs.



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