Monoclonal Anti-Idiotype Antibody Programs

Monoclonal Antibody Development Monoclonal Antibody Development at Antibody Solutions is a highly customizable service based entirely on the customers needs. Our Rapid Program is a 4-week immunization paired with our proprietary Hybridoma Library™ platform for fast turnaround and conservation of antigen. We also offer Standard Programs with extended immunizations that offer longer affinity maturation, ability to analyze the response over the period of immunization, and backup animals.

To complement the antibody development, we additionally offer High-Throughput Cloning, High-Throughput Screening, Characterization Assays, and Production Capabilities.

Representative Monoclonal Anti-Idiotype Characterization Assay Results


Label Free Analysis for Kinetics and Cross-Blocking

Antibody Kinetics
Ab Pairs

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Anti-Idiotype Poster Presentation