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Antibody Solutions manufactures all it's Catalogue products. This ensures the best quality at the lowest price. We can offer multiple lots, bulk quantities and pricing, and custom conjugation and formulation for all of our products.

Antibodies from our Catalogue can be ordered online or by contacting us directly at (888) 843-1069. For technical questions or questions regarding OEM and bulk sales please contact us at (888) 843-1069 or submit and inquiry by using our E-mail Request Info or Quote form.

Orders are accepted by mail, e-mail, phone, or FAX. A purchase order number, Visa/Mastercard number or electronic billing information must accompany all orders. Shipments to non-US/Canada locations require a customer shipping account number. Please include Bill To: and Ship To: information.

In addition to our of the shelf collection, Antibody Solutions offers rapid and cost-effective custom-antibody development and manufacturing Services. Please contact us directly at (888) 843-1069 or by using our E-mail Request Info or Quote form.