Recombinant Cells in Antigen Development

Recombinant cells expressing a target antigen are useful for immunization and screening of antibodies. Antibody Solutions offers routine antigen expression services in commonly used cells such as HEK-293 or CHO, as well as in mouse or human cells that are syngeneic with the immunized host.

Many membrane proteins cannot be expressed as soluble proteins and require expression in their native environment, i.e., embedded in the plasma membrane. These include G-protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs), ion channels and transport proteins. Some membrane antigens (e.g., CD3 epsilon/delta) require co-expression in cells for proper presentation of the protein at the cell surface. Antigens with specific functionally important post-translational modifications such as glycosylated proteins also need to be generated in recombinant cells co-expressing the required enzymes. Antibody Solutions has unique expertise in this area and the application of recombinant cells in antibody discovery.

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  • Cell-Surface Antigen Expression

  • Histograms

    Recombinant cells can be prepared expressing high levels of target antigen detectable by anti-target antibodies using flow cytometry.


  • Recombinant Expression and Secretion from HEK-EBNA transfected Cells
  • Elisa for Protein Expression

    Episomal transfection in HEK EBNA cells (293 stably transfected with EBNA-1 gene), enables, through EBNA-1 driven episomal replication of Ori-P containing vectors, gene to large scale protein production in ~ 4 weeks, at very high yields (5 to 20 mg/l and higher). We offer recombinant protein expression in HEK EBNA cells (see below).