We offer design, synthesis and conjugation of peptides that are tailored to discovery of the Ab you need.


We select each peptide by hand incorporating known parent protein structure, multiple algorithms for antigenicity, amino acid chemistry and our extensive knowledge in peptide design to to raise the Ab that will meet your needs.

    We offer a broad selection of peptide synthesis options including:

  • Overlapping peptide – for epitope mapping, T cell assays, other applications
  • Modified peptides – phosphorylated, biotinylated, cyclized, etc.
  • Neo-epitope peptides – for antibodies recognizing post-translationally processed proteins.
  • Peptide homologues – for antibodies recognizing two related proteins.
  • Peptides mimicking conformational epitopes – for antibodies binding to parent protein.
  • Peptides with a specific conjugation site – to enable specific orientation of the peptide to elicit and purify antibodies.
  • Long peptides – >35 amino acids with secondary structure.
  • High Purity – up to >98%, confirmed by LC-Mass Spec analysis.

Our peptides are Made in the USA using quality materials and a reliable turnaround time, typically just 2-3 weeks.


We have a variety of carrier proteins and chemistries for peptide conjugation. We select the appropriate chemistry and amino acid moiety to obtain site-directed conjugation. We confirm all conjugates for coupling of peptide to carrier protein.

Carrier proteins used include bovine serum albumin, keyhole limpit hemocyanin, and others. Multiple conjugation chemistries are available using single- or multi-step reactions and homo- and hetero-bifunctional cross-linkers. Unlike most other peptide conjugate providers, each of our conjugates is tested to confirm the coupling of peptide to carrier protein as poorly or incompletely conjugated peptides will result in a weak or no antibody response.

We welcome challenging peptide design and conjugation projects. Please contact us with your needs for peptide synthesis and conjugation.