FAbs & Other Antibody Fragments

Generation of Fab and F(ab’)2 fragments from monoclonal antibodies can presents a unique challenges. There is variation among species, subclasses of Abs (e.g., IgG1, G2a, G2b, etc.) and even for individual antibodies within a subclass, with respect to the enzyme used, rate of digestion, and the incubation period to obtain maximum yields of Fab or F(ab’)2. Additionally, digestion may affect the antigen binding activity of the antibody. Thus, digestion conditions must be optimized for each unique antibody and the purification and protein sizing analytical method must be able to resolve the desired fragments. Antibody Solutions has the expertise to optimize the production of Fab or F(ab’)2 from human and rabbit IgG as well as mouse and rat monoclonal antibodies. Conjugation of antibody fragments is also available (see our conjugation page for related services).

Antibody Solutions offers custom-tailored fragmentation services for different antibody species and isotypes.