Reliable, Timely and Cost Effective Monoclonal Antibody Production and Purification Programs


The use of MAbExpress™ technology allows for reliable, timely and cost-effective antibody production and purification programs. This technology is the fastest way to obtain 5 mg to grams of monoclonal antibody, and production and purification for all antibody species (mouse, rat, human) and isotopes (IgG and IgM). The in vitro methods utilized through MAbExpress™ that are animal friendly, in addition to being faster and producing more reliable results.

Standard MAb Express™ Production and Purification Programs

  • MAbExpress-5 mg:
  • – Raw or purified antibody in as little as 14 days

  • MAbExpress-5 mg:
  • – Research-scale quantity of antibody –> Fast.

  • MAbExpress: 100 mg, 500 mg and >1 gram:
  • – Manufacture-scale quantities of antibody
    – Quantities can be guaranteed by in-process monitoring

  • <0.01 EU/mg Endotoxin
  • <0.1% Bovine IgG
  • Very Low Protease, Host DNA & RNAse
  • High-Purity Abs for In Vivo Animal Studies
  • Analysis and documentation including Certificate of Analysis

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