Hybridoma Generation in Monoclonal Antibody Discovery

We have an optimized process for the generation of hybridomas using polyethylene glycol (PEG)-mediated fusion and a proprietary Defined Cloning and Growth Factor (DCGF). Using PEG enhances the fusion of activated B-cells responding to antigen stimulation. Using DCGF stimulates the proliferation of nascent hybridomas. We typically obtain thousands of hybridomas per fusion event. Hybridomas are HAT-selected in a bulk culture to remove unfused myeloma cells. The resulting Hybridoma Library™ from our culture system can be cryopreserved to permit evaluation of antibodies in the culture supernatant for antigen binding activity prior to cloning. If desired, multiple Hybridoma Libraries™ can be prepared to a target antigen with the intention that the library with the highest activity is selected for cloning. The typical time required to generate a Hybridoma Library™ from immune mice or rats is 2 weeks.


Antibody Solutions' proprietary growth/cloning factor optimizes total hybridoma yield.