Immunization in Monoclonal Antibody Discovery

We will tailor the protocols upon the type of antigen, antibody requirements and application.


  • Peptides
  • Proteins
  • Cells
  • Membrane protein particles
  • DNA
  • Haptens
  • Others


  • Alhydrogel
  • SAS
  • Titermax
  • CpG
  • Freund's

We have extensive experience in using a variety of adjuvants.
We can tailor the adjuvant used to induce an Ab response with the needed qualities including:

  • High-Affinity
  • Isotype
  • Recognition of Native vs. Denatured Epitopes
  • Neutralizing Activity



Using Auto-Immune and Knock-Out Mice
with Highly-Conserved Antigens

Animals for Monoclonals:

Antibody Solutions offers a variety of rodent species and strains for antigen immunization of mice or rats including:

  • Normal inbred and outbred mouse strains
  • Autoimmune mice (NZB/W)
  • Knock-out mice, where the antigen of interest is genetically deleted.
  • Normal inbred and outbred rats
  • OmniMouse™, OmniRat™, and OmniFlic™(fixed light-chain) animals producing human Abs through our partner OMT

Immunization Protocols:

  • Rapid Immunization- high affinity Abs in 4 weeks with 1/3 the antigen of conventional protocols
  • Tolerization Protocols for highly conserved Ags
  • Sequential Ag Immunization for cross-reactive Abs
  • Special protocols for DNA, Cells, and membrane protein particles
  • Conventional long-term and alternate route immunizations

Knock out or NZB/W mice respond better to Antigens
with a high sequence homology to mouse


Ab Diversity through Multiple Species:

  • Two species = More antibodies = Better epitope coverage
  •     – Different immune response genes in different species
        – Human antigen may have different amino acid homologies to mouse compared to the rat antigen

Ab Diversity-chart