Animals Platforms for Polyclonal Antibodies

Antibody Solutions offers tailored polyclonal antibody programs to meet any budget or set of
custom conditions, including:

  • PolyExpress™ – Begin with our proprietary protocol for high quality polyclonal sera –> Fast.
  • PolyMax™ – Continue your PolyExpress protocol to maximize Ab affinity and concentration.
  • PolyExtend™ – Extend PolyExpress or PolyMax protocol to maintain production.
  • PolyExtreme™ – End your polyclonal protocol with the highest recovery of sera or antibody.
  • Rapid Rabbit™ – NEW program which has a fixed 5-week schedule, high yield and is scalable based on your needs.

Animal Platforms

  • Rabbits – are the standard choice for polyclonal antibody production. They give you medium amounts of antiserum. Two specific pathogen free (SPF) rabbits per protocol.
  • Goats – are a good choice for large-scale antibody production where antigen is plentiful.
  • Sheeps – may be substituted for goats at client's request.
  • Chicken – are a good choice for highly-conserved mammalian antigens and to obtain large quantities of IgY antibody from eggs. Chicken IgY has unique immunochemical properties.

Animal Welfare

Our protocols fully comply with federal regulations and applicable guidances and are designed to minimize pain and discomfort to animals and to avoid duplication of procedures.

Animals are maintained in USDA and NIH licensed facilities.

Serum Quality Comparison & Other Protocols

Custom protocols available. Animals may be placed on hold or a protocol terminated at any time. Protocols are invoiced at initiation with payment net 30 days.

Serum Quality Comparison
Comparison of sera obtained from an anti-peptide antibody program from 3 sources. Sera obtained from a production bleed of a rabbit.

Variation in Antibody Responses
Antibody responses will vary. PolyExpress is designed to obtain usable antisera quickly from both 'strong' (A) and 'weak' (B) antigens. PolyMax is designed to obtain antibody of higher affnity and concentration for more demanding applications.

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