Using Peptide Antigens to Mimic Native Proteins

    Antibody Solutions has over 19 years of experience developing monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies to peptides that bind to the native protein containing the peptide domain.

    Peptides are relatively short protein fragments that are used frequently as antigens either because of their own biological functions (Substance P, endorphins), to follow intracellular signalling states (e.g. phospho-peptides) or as surrogate of their parent proteins. The latter strategy is often chosen when antigen is limited but its peptide sequence at least partially known. It also may be used to focus the Ab response to a specific domain of a larger protein. Through careful screenings, Abs raised against a synthetic peptide(s) can be identified that bind to the whole protein.

    Antibody Solutions has used peptide antigens to produce a therapeutic antibody candidate currently in clinical trials. We have a proven track record in designing peptides that were successfully used for raising antibodies that bind to native protein domains. 

    Use of a linear peptide to obtain hybridomas producing an Abs that binds to a cell surface antigen (e.g., Hyb Lib Peptide 4).


    Use of a linear peptide to obtain clones producing Abs that binds to the native soluble target protein and not to related proteins 1 or 2 with high sequence homology to the target protein.