Potency Assays

Potency assays are used to measure the ability of a drug to elicit a particular response at a certain dose in a relevant biological system. Potency assays are usually required by regulatory agencies for release of drug product under GMP. They are also useful in drug discovery to rank potential therapeutic candidates. Potency assays can be one of 2 types: ligand-binding (measure interaction of drug with it’s target) or functional assays (measure a biological response). ELISA or Flow Cytometry assay formats are often used to measure ligand-binding. Funtional assays may use flow cytometry, in vitro cell-based assays or other formats. Potency assays often require antibodies as critical reagents in the measurement of drug binding or to measure functional effect of the drug. Antibody Solutions offers of critical reagent development (e.g., antibodies, drug-target transfected cells, and ancillary reagents) for the development of potency assays. We also have experience in potency assay method development and qualification.