Western Blotting Applications

Antibody Solutions has generated many monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies for Western Blotting applications and has developed optimized protocols to ensure accuracy and efficiency. For example, we have made a monoclonal antibody (AS55-P) to SLP-76, a cytoplasmic protein that is expressed in T lymphocytes and myeloid cells and is a substrate for ZAP70 protein tyrosine kinase. As shown in the below left image, our antibody detects SLP-76 in total lysate of T-cells but not in B cell lysate. Activation of the T-cell receptor leads to ZAP70-mediated phosphorylation of SLP-76, which is shown by the right image by Western Blotting with commercial anti-phosphotyrosine antibody on SLP-76 immunoprecipitated from activated T-cells with AS55-P.