Therapeutic Antibody Development

We offer the two platforms for therapeutic antibody discovery: immune normal mice and immune human transgenic mice and rats (e.g. OnmiRat, OmniMouse and OmniRat, immune animal derived antibodies have been the source of the majority of therapeutic antibodies that are approved for use or in clinical development. )

  • Antibody Solutions has a proven track record in the discovery of the 6 therapeutic antibodies.
  • We have experience with a large variety of antigens, including cytokines, grown factors, enzymes, cell surface receptors and peptides mimetics to generate therapeutic antibody candidates in a variety of disease areas (cancer, inflammation, cardiovascular disease).
  • We can support the pre-clinical and clinical development of therapeutic antibodies by generating reagents and assays.

As of March 2015
Sources: Reichert J, 2015, mAbs 7:1, 1–8. Bruggerman M, 2015, Arch. Immunol. Ther. Exp. 63:101–108.