OmniRat & OmniMouse Antibodies in Therapeutic Antibody Discovery

Antibody Solutions and Open Monoclonal Technologies (OMT) Strategic Partnership Agreement.

  • Antibody Solutions can perform Services using OmniRat and OmniMouse.
  • Client obtains Research and Commercial Licenses with OMT for OmniRat and OmniMouse-derived products.

OmniRatâ„¢ and OmniMouseâ„¢ are the leading Human Antibody Transgenic Animal Systems. Antibody response that is superior to 1st generation transgenic animals. They have normal B-cell development and normal antibody hypermutation and affinity maturation.


Antibody Solutions has optimized Ab generation with OmniRatâ„¢ and OmniMouseâ„¢. Our platform includes:

  • Multiple Immunization Strategies (e.g., Rapid, DNA, Cell, etc.)
  • Hi-Yield Antigen-specific Hybridoma Generation
  • Single-cell FACs Cloning (no sub-cloning required)
  • Hybridoma staining for surface IgG and Antigen-binding
  • High-Throughput Flow Screening
  • Able to produce 100’s of clones in 2.5 months

Antibody Solutions is the leading CRO for Monoclonal Antibody Discovery with both mouse and human antibodies from transgenic OmniRats. Click here to learn more about these services.


Open Monoclonal
Technology, Inc.


Results for 12 Therapeutic Targets


Hybridoma clones have been generated and selected to 12 human therapeutic targets including five (5) targets with >85% AA sequence identities to the rat homologue. Up to several hundred clones have been obtained in a single cloning step for each target. (Poster Link Ab Summary)

Antibody Diversity / V-Gene Usage


Sequencing of the antibody genes used by 4 sets of positive clones showed good diversity against conserved target antigens. Almost all of the functional germ lone gene families present in OmniRatâ„¢ were found in target-specific antibody-secreting clones.

Standard Abs

Standard Abs

Fixed L Chain Abs

Fixed L Chain Abs