Listed below are some of the frequently asked questions regarding our Custom Services. Please contact Antibody Solutions for general program information or technical questions regarding your potential project:

  • Which program should I use?
    For development of new antibodies, go to our Monoclonal Ab Development or Polyclonal Ab Development Pages under Services. If you have an existing hybridoma and need antibody produced from it, go to our Monoclonal Ab Manufacture under Services. See the Antibody Selection page for recommendations for the type of Ab to make under Support. These are general guidelines and the “best” program will depend on your unique antigen, application, and goals. Please feel free to contact us for advice on the appropriate program to pursue for your needs and applications.

  • How much antigen will I need and of what purity?
    Contact us or, if applicable, consult the Work Order and Submission Forms for your project. For peptide antigens, we can create peptide immunogens of sufficient quantity and purity. As for purity, the highest reasonably possible is recommended and should be at least 85%. Where high purity is difficult to accomplish, a compromise strategy is to immunize with antigen of lower purity and screen with antigen of higher purity.

  • What kind of guarantee can you give me?
    The people of Antibody Solutions will always make their best efforts to obtain the desired results. We utilize appropriately maintained facilities, properly trained personnel, and established procedures, all vetted by our Quality Assurance Management Program. Any procedure that fails our internal controls or performance specifications is repeated at no additional charge to our customer. All projects are results driven, we invoice at the time of completion of each service item, and there is no liability for services that have not been initiated by us.

  • Do I own and get access to the custom service product?
    Antibody Solutions delivers custom services on a fee-for-service basis. You have full ownership and access to the materials we generate for you.

  • How long will I have to wait for a project to start?
    Antibody Solutions has a proprietary order management system that tracks manpower and materials demands across all departments and clients. This allows us to allocate resources on a day to day basis and to forecast resource needs for months in advance. Typically, we can start a project within one-to two weeks of approval by the client to initiate the project.