What is our Hybridoma Library™ process, and why do we use this?

The Hybridoma Library™ is our proprietary process for hybridoma generation. In simplest terms, it is a bulk fusion of B-cells which is cryopreserved at the optimum time in order to balance our customers needs for Stability and Diversity.

By generating a Hybridoma Library™, we have, in essence, preserved the immune response of the animal. This makes multiple rounds of screening possible; we are able to re-clone and screen without repeating the immunization step.

We are also able to quickly evaluate multiple libraries raised using different protocols, adjuvants, and animal strains to identify the best source of immortalized antibodies to the target. This is faster and less labor intensive than other alternatives and saves our client’s time and money in the costly therapeutic development space.

By utilizing the Hybridoma Library™ coupled with our single cell FACS sorting, we obtain truly monoclonal results when compared to traditional methods.