We recommend formulation, packaging and shipping of antigens as follows:

  • Formulation
    Antigens should be formulated to maintain the stability of the antigen and be non-toxic to animals. When possible, we recommend a sterile-filtered 1 mg/ml solution of antigen in phosphate-buffered saline with a pH close to 7. Antigen solutions must not contain reagents that are toxic to animals (preservatives, strong reducing agents, etc). Avoid the use of amine containing buffers such as Tris that may interfere with conjugation methods. Please Contact us for questions regarding the suitability of your antigen formulation.

  • Quantity
    Consult Work Order and Submission Form information sheets or Contact Us to determine the quantity of antigen needed for the planned service. We recommend that you send us the entire required quantity of antigen at the beginning of the service.

  • Shipping
    Ship under conditions known to maintain the stability of the protein. If conditions are unknown, place in an insulated container along with either frozen gel packs for refrigerated antigens or dry ice for frozen antigens. We recommend insulated containers with at least 1/2 inch thick walls and sufficient coolant to hold temperature for 72 hours.


Always ship by courier or overnight express service.
Ship early in the week and allow for 1 extra day to reach us.
FAX or E-mail a copy of the Air-bill or the Air-bill number to us so that we will know to expect the shipment.