Your Innovation Partner in Antibody-Driven Research & Development

Antibody Solutions offers a comprehensive portfolio of products and services with focus on antibody-driven research, diagnostics and therapeutic applications tailored to each customer’s specific needs. We serve biotechnology, diagnostic and pharmaceutical companies, as well as universities by providing innovative antibody products and services.

Antibody Solutions delivers quality by meeting and/or exceeding the expectations of our customers and consistently delivering our products and services to specifications on schedule. We bring innovation to our customers through new and improved antibody technologies and the application of these technologies to create new and important products and services. Our methods are tested, tried, and true; in addition, we are continuously implementing new technologies that have proven to deliver superior results in a cost effective manner.

Antibody Solutions provides excellent service by actively maintaining a high standard of performance within our company and by our suppliers. Our proprietary Order Management System ensures that you get the right antibody and/or application, on time.


For over 20 years, Antibody Solutions has successfully developed and manufactured antibodies to meet our client’s needs and applications.

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Your Innovation Partner in Antibody Driven Research